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At a bank在銀行

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Ms. Xia is trying to open a new account[1], clear an old account[2], and deposit some money at a bank.

B: Good morning, Madam. May I help you?
A: Good morning, I'd like to open a new account to deposit this money.
B: A current account or fixed?[3]
A: A current account would be fine.

B: Ok. Please fill out[5] this form. And give me your ID card.
A: Here's the form, my ID card and the money. And, I have another account which I'd like to clear today. Please can you[6] draw out[7] all the money from this bankbook and put it into the new account?
B: Ok. I'll deal with[8] these one by one[9].




B: 早上好,夫人。您需要什么服務?
A: 早上好,我想開一個新賬戶,把這錢存進去。
B: 活期的還是定期的?
A: 活期的賬戶就可以了。
B: 好的。請填好這張表格,并把您的身份證給我。
A: 給您表格,我的身份證,還有錢。今天我還有一個賬戶想清除了。能不能麻煩您把這個存折上的錢全取出來,放到這個新的賬戶里?
B: 好的,我會一個接一個地來處理。

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